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COMPLICATIONS OF AUGMENTATION MAMMOPLASTY – dentrocasa magazine, February 2012

Each surgical procedure is burdened by possible generic and specific risks that must be assessed with the patient before each procedure….

COSMETIC SURGERY OF THE EYELIDS – dentrocasa magazine, March 2012

The look is the first approach in interpersonal relationships, in fact it is the first element that characterises a person: it is not by chance that the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul

SAFETY OF THE BREAST IMPLANT – dentrocasa magazine, April 2012

A breast implant is a body implant consisting of a silicone casing and a silicone gel content in most cases. This…

LIPOSUCTION – dentrocasa magazine, May 2012

Liposuction is a surgical procedure aimed at the removal of adipose tissue by using small suction cannulas. The indication to the procedure arises for…

THE MINI FACELIFT – dentrocasa magazine, October 2012

It is not clear what is meant by a “mini lift”: some authors mean a rhytidoplasty, localised to a single area…

A NEW FOCUS FOR COSMETIC SURGERY – lombardia 2012, November 2012

Ethics, techniques and scientific comparison within one of the most controversial branches of surgery. Enrico Motta sheds light on old prejudices and illustrates current possibilities and perspectives. «Hundreds of apparent innovations, few real developments»

BELLY – dentrocasa magazine, November 2012

A sculpted abdomen remains among the most frequent requests for plastic surgeons. This desire is not always fulfilled because the perfect…

HYALURONIC ACID AND GLUTEUS – dentrocasa magazine, January 2013

Cosmetic surgery of the buttock is relatively uncommon and the reason for this phenomenon is due to the undeniable limitations of…

NEEDLING FROM ITS ORIGINS TO MODERN APPLICATIONS – dentrocasa magazine, September 2013

Needling is a regenerative dermatology technique born a few years ago that consists of treating the skin with special micro needles…

LIPOFILLING TECHNIQUE – dentrocasa magazine, October 2013

The idea of ​​using body fat as a tissue to be taken and grafted into other anatomical areas to increase its…



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