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COSMETIC SURGERY OF THE EYELIDS – dentrocasa magazine, March 2012

The look is the first approach in interpersonal relationships, in fact it is the first element that characterises a person: it is not by chance that the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul

FILLERS – Profilo Salute magazine, January 2015

The term “filler” refers to those substances which, introduced through a needle in the skin or immediately below it, have the…

RHINOPLASTY – Profilo Salute magazine, June 2015

In many people’s minds, rhinoplasty is the first procedure that you think of when talking about cosmetic surgery. With rhinoplasty, it…

SECONDARY COSMETIC SURGERY – dentrocasa magazine, March 2016

The first texts that talk about cosmetic surgery date back to 800-600 BC; the Indian surgeon Sushruta described his personal rhinoplasty technique which used the “Indian flap

THE LIPS, Dr Iacopetta – dentrocasa magazine, July 2016

Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPA) has announced that the procedures of medicine and cosmetic surgery for the lips have increased by 48% in the last 15 years. We offer a brief overview of the different possibilities for approaching this topic.

PROTRUDING EARS? – Profilo Salute magazine, September 2016

You can correct them. This is a problem of form and not of functionality.
When we speak of protruding ears we refer to a small anomaly in the shape of the auricle.
This defect is easily corrected through a surgical procedure, which takes the name of otoplasty.
Sticking out ears appear in childhood and the cause is not due, as many think, to trauma or to a bad sleeping position but is genetically programmed.
Depending on the age and sex of the patient and depending on the extent of the problem, the defect often tends to be disguised with the hair.
It is always a problem of form and not of functionality and can affect one or both ears and the defect can involve only one or more components of the cartilaginous auricle, which is the structure which constitutes the shape of the ear.


Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) or dysmorphophobia is a psychological disorder that manifests itself with the constant discomfort animated by a distorted vision of outward appearance and a morbid anxiety over body image.

THE MYTH OF ETERNAL YOUTH – dentrocasa magazine, January 2017

Undeniably, the desire not to age is more or less a constant for most people throughout their life. Eternal youth should not be confused with the desire for immortality, in fact the latter deals with the theme of death. The desire not to age aims to maintain that golden age of life in which one feels at their best.

THE LOOK – Profilo Salute magazine, July 2017

The look is perhaps the main tool of non-verbal expression. With our eyes, we can voluntarily express feelings and emotions, even if, sometimes, they become the involuntary mirror of conditions, which we would not like to reveal as tiredness, sadness or tension.



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