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THE MINI FACELIFT – dentrocasa magazine, October 2012

It is not clear what is meant by a “mini lift”: some authors mean a rhytidoplasty, localised to a single area…

BAR CODE LINES – dentrocasa magazine, March 2013

The term bar code identifies those parallel-shaped wrinkles that form in the upper lip between the margin of the labial mucosa…

THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFTS – dentrocasa magazine, November 2013

At what age is the facelift recommended? There is no recommended age for a lift. First of all, there is not…

RHINOPLASTY – Profilo Salute magazine, June 2015

In many people’s minds, rhinoplasty is the first procedure that you think of when talking about cosmetic surgery. With rhinoplasty, it…

FACELIFT – Profilo Salute magazine, April 2016

The facelift is a surgery that “lifts” areas of the face or neck. Depending on the areas involved, a frontal, temporal, midface, face…

THE MYTH OF ETERNAL YOUTH – dentrocasa magazine, January 2017

Undeniably, the desire not to age is more or less a constant for most people throughout their life. Eternal youth should not be confused with the desire for immortality, in fact the latter deals with the theme of death. The desire not to age aims to maintain that golden age of life in which one feels at their best.



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