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COSMETIC SURGERY OF THE EYELIDS – dentrocasa magazine, March 2012

The look is the first approach in interpersonal relationships, in fact it is the first element that characterises a person: it is not by chance that the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. Nothing like excess skin on the upper eyelids or the so-called “bags” under the eyes make the eyes look dull and aged. These phenomena usually appear in adulthood and progressively tend to worsen over the years, but in some cases, especially where there is a family predisposition, they are already present at a young age.

The problem can be solved through blepharoplasty surgery. After an adequate design of the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon selectively removes the surplus skin and the fat responsible for the bags, taking care to locate the scars in anatomic folds, so that they are scarcely visible or not visible at all. The surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia or with the support of a mild sedation in a day-hospital setting and it lasts for about half an hour for the upper eyelids and the same for the lower ones.



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